What is the Trades?

Curate perfection within your collection while you engage in card trading and exchanges with your fellow card collectors from across the world.

  • FEATURE 01.Experience old-school déjà vu of trading, the 21st-century online way!

    Cardova leads the way as the first platform to enable online card trading.
    Experience minimum effort and maximum potential as you list your cards.
    Discover what the Cardova community has to offer. Convenient, safe, and easy to trade.

    FEATURE 01 トレードを、対面からオンラインへ。
  • FEATURE 02.Trade with the whole world through Cardova.

    Trade with Enthusiasts from across the world!
    "LET'S TRADE!" and it’s as simple as that.
    Enjoy a stress-free experience.
    You are our priority. No risks and full transparency.

    FEATURE 02 カルドバを通じて、全世界とトレードを。
  • FEATURE 03.Cardova makes online trading advantageous.

    It’s your turn to maximize your collection's potential!
    Do you have duplicate cards or need a few more to complete your set registry? Remember, what you perceive as worthless may be a treasure for someone else.
    Optimize your collection for a minimal fee of ¥550 (Tax incl.) per trade.

    FEATURE 03 得するオンライントレード。

Trade Listing Procedures

To participate in Trades, cards need to be stored in our Vault.

  • (1)Select Card

    Begin The Process

    Select the card you want to list from My Vault.Keep your cards in our Vault and list them anytime!

  • (2)Set Terms

    Set Trade Terms

    Enter the terms of your trade by defining them.
    ■ Year
    ■ Category
    ■ Grading Company
    ■ Grade
    ■ Player Name

    Personalize your preferences by adding comments.

  • (3)Confirm Details

    Confirm Your Selection.

    Review the details and click "List" to lock in your listing.

    The listing process is now complete.

  • (4)Standby

    Cardova will verify the listing and optimize the Trade calendar.
    We will send you an email notification once your card has been assigned to a Trade Series.

  • (5)Preview

    The Preview period for each Trade series spans for three days during which time no bids can be placed.
    Any required changes to the listing details can be made during this period by contacting Cardova through the card details screen.

  • (6)Negotiations

    Trade negotiations can begin during the 10-day timeframe beginning on Thursday until the following Sunday.
    Offers are submitted by posting your card(s) against the listing.
    Upon posting an offer, the lister has 24 hours to respond.
    Additional offers made during this time will be placed on a waitlist.

  • (7)End

    Trade Series will end at 7 PM (JST) on the following Sunday.
    Unlike the Auction, there will be no extended periods.
    For listings still under negotiations at that time, the lister will be given one hour to respond.

Trade Fee

Service DetailsCharges
(Tax incl.)
Transaction Fee¥550This fee applies to both parties involved in a trade and is charged on a per lot basis.