What is the Vault?

For the invaluable you, secure storage for your invaluable collection
Entrust your priceless collection to Cardova's secure, climate-controlled storage facility in Japan. Enjoy digital access to your collection from anywhere.

  • FEATURE 01.Safety for Your Cards, Safety for You

    Protect your cards from premature aging and environmental elements. Our climate-controlled vault maintains a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (or 68 degrees Fahrenheit) and 50% humidity, creating optimal space for preserving your prized works of art. Protected by 24-hour surveillance, through our partnership with an external security provider.

    FEATURE 01 カードに最適な環境で、安全に保管。
  • FEATURE 02.Manage Your Collection on the Move!

    Embrace the digital era! Cardova's digital platform makes collection management easier than ever. Enjoy high-quality images of your cards, as if they were physically in your hands. Keep track of your collection's value and inventory through "My Vault" and effortlessly organize, summarize, and retrieve the information you need -- your way.
    All card acquisition dates and purchase amounts are recorded along with past transactions.
    Use the Vault not just to manage your cards, but also your transaction information.

    FEATURE 02 預けたコレクションは、PC/スマホで簡単管理。
  • FEATURE 03.Convenient Access to Auctions and Trades

    List your cards anytime, anywhere! Stay ahead of market trends by simply pressing "List." Sit back and relax while we handle the heavy lifting, from capturing high-resolution imagery to providing detailed card descriptions. Store your purchases in the Vault to save on mailing costs and ensure the safety of your cards. No more lost or damaged packages. Cardova-purchased items incur no fees, so keep your cards in the VAULT while you continue to expand your collection and enjoy bulk shipping with better rates, or an extended storage period until it's time to part ways with them.

    FEATURE 03 オークション/トレードがさらに便利に!
Vault submissions with a declared insurance amount of over ¥10,000 may be subject to import duties. If your submission gets charged with import duties, we will not be able to receive your shipment and under certain circumstances, we may be forced to return them to you at your cost. For further information, please contact us at service@cardova.co.jp.

How to Submit Cards to the Vault

There are 2 ways to submit cards to the Vault.

Send Directly from an Online RetailerSend Directly from PSA
To send cards you have in hand to Cardova, please refer to the following.
  • (1) Apply

    Start the Process

    Begin the submission process by clicking either "List/Send" or "Send to "Vault" from the Vault menu.

  • (2) Advanced settings

    Enter your credit card informationProvide the following details:

    ■ Grading Company
    ■ Cert No.
    ■ Declared Value

    If you are submitting many cards, you can either split your submission into several batches or enter all the information into a single CSV file and email us the file.

  • (3) Preparation

    Print the Submission FormPrint the submission form, include it in the package along with your card(s), and send the package to Cardova.

    Enter the Tracking NumberThe process is complete once you enter tracking number provided by your courier.

  • (4) Completion of Process

    Check My Vault

    Once you receive notification that your submission had been received, visit My Vault to make sure your cards are in good order.

Vault Fees

Rates and
Charges (Tax incl.)
Receiving and
Storage Fees
Picking FeesCards Acquired at CardovaFreeA Picking Fee will not be charged on cards that
(1) you obtained through Auction or Trade or (2) were listed in an Auction but received no bids.
Cards Submitted by You2.20%
(110 Yen)
A Picking Fee, calculated at a rate of 2.20% against the Acquisition Value or ¥110 (Tax incl.), whichever is higher, will be charged on User-submitted cards that are withdrawn from the Vault without using any of Cardova's services.