Turning a Hobby into an Investment and Investing into a Hobby

We at Cardova strive to provide an open and fair platform where, through trading cards, users can enjoy their hobby while understanding the fundamental principles of investing.


Company NameTokyo Trading Card Exchange, Inc.
EstablishedAugust 22, 2022
Business DescriptionPlanning, development and management of Cardova; sale of related merchandise
Chief ExecutiveAlex Aram
LocationsHead Office
Urbannet Nihonbashi 2-Chome Bldg 10F, 2-1-3 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0027 Japan

Operations Center
Center Bldg Room 523, 6-1-1 Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0006 Japan

U.S. Operations
Tokyo Trading Card Exchange LLC
New Jersey, USA


  • Alex Aram


    Alex is the Founder and Chief Executive of Tokyo Trading Card Exchange Inc. He established the company to craft a secure and efficient platform for card enthusiasts and collectors. He brings a successful career as a bond trader spanning over 25 years, with expertise in asset valuation and market liquidity, leveraging to promote growth in the trading card industry. Alex is a passionate card collector and aims to offer users of the global card community accurate pricing information, secure transactions, risk reduction, and the pure enjoyment of collecting. However, his primary goal remains to elevate this hobby into an investment-worthy asset to attract external interest in developing a robust market structure.

  • Sameer Baya

    Sameer is an expert in financial engineering with over two decades of experience in the banking industry. His career spans pivotal roles in developing financial products and managing significant risks efficiently. Sameer brings system technology and data science expertise to support Cardova as a technical advisor. His role involves developing innovative solutions to enhance Cardova's platform, making it even more user-friendly, intuitive, and valuable for its users.

  • Y Furuuchi

    Furuuchi is the chief analyst at Cardova & and a hard-core player and collector of various Trading Card Games (TCGs). Furuuchi's eagle eyes detect counterfeit cards and slabs, guaranteeing a secure trading environment as he aims to share his extensive knowledge and experience with users. His vision for Cardova is to create an open and welcoming platform for card wizards to take control of the center stage and freely share their passion with the utmost respect for other preferences and interests.

  • A Fukuhiro

    Fukuhiro joined Cardova to promote the trading card hobby among women across Japan. She is dedicated to offering users up-to-date information and catering to the collector community, regardless of their experience level. Fukuhiro's personal favorite Pokémon is Flareon.

  • T Sagawa

    Sagawa is a passionate player actively involved in various aspects of the trading card hobby. With vast experience as an esteemed Pokémon game judge and a former staff member at a merchandise store, he has formed profound connections with countless enthusiasts within the hobby. Sagawa's vision is to serve as an ambassador for the Trading Cards Game (TCG) industry, offering attentive care and comprehensive support to ensure users have a fulfilling and enjoyable experience on Cardova.

  • C Akiyama

    Akiyama is an unparalleled force when it comes to Pokémon and trading cards! Her experience does not stop there; she also has a successful background in sales and customer service, which enables her to be acutely aware of the customers' needs and up-to-date on market developments. She envisions developing the safest and most enjoyable platform for collectors of trading cards. Akiyama's all-time favorite Pokémon is the ferocious and majestic Duraludon.

  • T Tateyama

    Tateyama developed a profound love for trading cards from a young age, and that passion has stayed with him throughout his life. As an avid player and collector, his expertise lies in Pokémon cards. He has an impressive 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry as an actor, narrator, and voiceover artist in games. Tateyama's vision is to build a vibrant and inclusive community where card enthusiasts of all types can come together, fostering an atmosphere of shared knowledge and camaraderie.

  • H Yuan

    Yuan is our Digital Marketing Lead specializing in strategic planning and execution for the Chinese market. She drives our mission to create an inclusive trading card platform catering to users worldwide. Equipped with a deep understanding of digital trends and user behavior, Yuan ensures a seamless experience for both local and international users.

  • H Aram

    Aram is a dynamic professional, skillfully navigating Cardova's social media presence and marketing. Her deep interest in K-pop music sparked her love for cards. This passion drives her to collect various items, including books, music, and video games, revealing her insatiable curiosity and love for exploration. Aram's expertise in social media management, vibrant personality, and thirst for knowledge significantly assist in the growth of new ideas and innovation at Cardova.

  • V Baya

    Baya grew up when Pokémon was making inroads in India. He has joined Cardova with the vision to contribute to crafting content around the captivating world of Trading Card Games (TCGs). Additionally, he will assist in managing Public Relations and other Media-related activities. His love for Pokémon and its spirit of camaraderie adds an extra dimension of enthusiasm to his work. Among the myriad of fascinating Pokémon, Lapras holds a special place in his heart.

  • C Pfaff

    Pfaff is a professional photographer based in Japan, known for capturing stunning images of sports, events, and merchandise. With expertise in studio lighting, Pfaff consistently delivers high-quality content that sparks viewers' imagination. Pfaff strives to showcase the intricate details of each card, creating a lifelike experience that resonates with fans and collectors in the digital realm at Cardova.